This Is A Vest That Cools And Protects You While You Work

First there was the trademarked Air. Today, air vest remains a well-used trademark. As to which came first is no longer important. What is important is what this vest does. This is a vest that cools and protects all artisans while they work. The vest is custom made for cooling methods during industrial applications such as painting, sandblasting and welding. One of the newer vests in use comes in a sleek silver fabric. It is flame retardant and utilizes standard compressed air to carry out cooling procedures strategically. This is necessarily done in industrial hotspots where traditional air conditioning is not possible.

air vest

Air ambient temperature drops 20F ‘by the vest, 90F into the vest and 70F out to the wearer’. While wearing the vest, the artisan can tee off a paint spray air-line or tape a line to the welding cable. This guarantees that the artisan can stay comfortable for the entire duration of his work shift. Another trademarked air cooler in use known as air chaps allows for full body cooling under truly challenging conditions. This comes equipped with leggings that double the surface area that needs to be cooled. And along with the leggings and vest, there are air gloves too. The industrial use vest connects to any existing compressed air source.

All users have to do is simply slip their vests on, drop their air line from the ceiling or put a tee on their current air tool line. Air is drawn into a compressor. Air that was heated through compression is allowed to cool. Hot or warm air flows to the vest. Tuned ports release the air which drops in pressure and temperature. This is a process referred to as Boyle’s Law.

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