Core Power Maximization

The time of beaches, sunbathing, bikinis and swimsuits is approaching fast. Getting in shape is still possible within the few weeks left before the official start of summer. However, it’s not as simple as doing an endless number of crunches or sit-ups or running miles on the treadmill. To achieve that chiseled look, it’s important to make sure that every muscle group gets its due exercise.

What is the Core?


Core muscle groups are mainly the abdominals, chest pectorals, and obliques. To an extent, the arms, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks are also exercised when the main core groups are used in an exercise. Therefore, something like sit-ups and crunches are not effective at forming six-pack abs. It simply does not use as much muscle as other core-centric exercises.

Lifting and Core Benefits

Lifting weights is an effective mode of using all the main core muscle groups. Whether it’s bar bell curls or bench presses, incorporating the strenuous efforts of these workouts require that the core muscles be used to stabilize the body during each repetition. In deadlifts, although it may seem that the arms and legs are doing all the work, the reality is that the core is making it all possible.

Squats for a Better Toned Body

Squats are one of the most effective and simple workouts to do that don’t require much equipment and can be done anywhere. Using a product like a smartsquat also helps in encouraging proper form and execution of this simple workout. The descending and ascending function, using either body weight or additional weights stimulates muscle use in the lower abs as well as in the thighs.

Fat and calorie burn are major positives of doing squats and deadlifts. While it may be appealing to join a gym, engaging the core can be done at home with little or no heavy gym equipment.

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