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newsreportingdogWelcome! I will be your roving reporter, searching the net for the funny, interesting and just plain weird things petsĀ  and their owners get up to.



Real Life Littlest Hobo Dog Rides Buses For Free

One regular user of the Seattle bus service hops on for free, travels to the dog park, and then gets off at the right stop. A black Labrador named Eclipse just wants to get to the dog park – if her owner is quick enough she will let him come with her, but if not, she will just go on her own.

Dog Teaches baby how to jump

Alexis is learning the jolly jumper. Day(kota) has a love for shadows. Put these two together and what do you get…..

Swimming Pool Goes To The Dogs

…at least that’s what happens at this pool once every year.


The annual doggie day at the outdoor pool at Fort Carson is enjoyed by humans and dogs alike. Although apparently for some the swimming can become a bit too strenuous and a cuddle is required.


Photos by Spc. Nathan Thome

Land-based shark spotted in kitchen

…well a cat in a shark suit anyway :-) Funny, and a good tune too!

Talking Dog Makes Baby Laugh

5 month old find Husky’s jokes hysterical.

Dogtor Without A Medical Degree Found Working At Childrens Hospital

‘Dog’-tor Vito has been regularly seen making his rounds at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Vito is a labrador-retriever who himself had to have a kidney removed due to a birth defect. Even though he has no official qualifications many have hailed him as ideal medicine as the story below shows.